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Hi and welcome to my blog that is attached to my forum.

Forum is actually privately run because of too many lurkers who decide to make it hard for everyone else who just want to join a forum.

If you haven’t caught up with this news lately i received an email from Chief who is the webmaster of bigfooty.com/forum

He took exception to people trying to impersonate him and told me that he has the only decision when it comes to his forum and my return on it.

So this now means that when people join up they have to be themselves behind their alias of their choice. Just don’t pretend to be people you aren’t so that you don’t piss them off and burn a bridge between you and chief. Especially if you post on bigfooty.

I will let anyone join up just as long as they promise to be themselves rather than making up rubbish about being high up when they aren’t.

Salty people will not be joining up on my forum.

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